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International SAP Conference

for Utilities and Oil & Gas.


Natuvion participated in this years International SAP Conference for Utilities and Oil & Gas from April 02. - 04. 2019 in Milan, Italy. There are very few topics that are more present than the Intelligent Enterprise and how exactly customers plan to make their transition. Natuvion’s experiences encapsulate a full “All-field” approach on your journey towards Optimizing, Extending and Transforming your business processes and will serve as your expert on topics like Data Privacy, SAP S/4HANA Transformation and SAP Cloud for Energy at the International SAP Conference for Utilities and Oil & Gas. This year, as an Emerald sponsor, Natuvion held a VIP after party event. 



 CEO and founder Patric Dahse got interviewed by Chris Pfender at the International SAP Conference for Utilities 2019. Watch the video to get insights into the conference experience for Natuvion and how the new privacy laws affect the customers.



 Our featured presentation this year




New Insights Into Your Consumption Data with SAP Cloud for Energy

Discover how you can best combine a stored time series in real-time allocation (based on meter or point of delivery) to identify new consumption patterns with the help of analytics. SAP Cloud for Energy grants utility companies the possibility to offer new consumption based products that include customer notifications and optimized energy procurement. 


AOI Presentation III


 Some provided sneak peek insights:


Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 21.58.48  





Keep the Energy Alive!

As a special highlight to this event, Natuvion hosted a VIP after-party following the SAP event.

Natuvion had an entertaining and successful evening, with a lot of new relationships made. We are grateful for the many participants and are looking forward to hosting one next year!





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